The First 40 was birthed from one woman’s postpartum experience. When new mom, Cara, found herself washing dishes and taking out the trash just days after her son was born, she realized that, even with all of the support that her pregnancy brought with it, she wished she had the foresight to ask for more direct and specific help before her baby arrived. She also felt uncomfortable asking those who were already in person with food in hand to do more.

In response to what she would have liked to have, while incorporating all that she did receive (including lactation consultations, as well as Cranio Sacral, Chiropractic & massage sessions), Cara created the First 40.

The First 40 eCourses are designed to get a Mama in tune with her desires (as well as needs) for her postpartum period. These easy and fun courses walk a mama, baby step by baby step, toward manifesting that which she envisions. Completed at her own time and in her home, our eCourses are beautiful and multi-dimensional.

The First 40 “Red Tent Postpartum Experience” is our premium offering for mothers in San Diego County. We erect in Mama’s home a sacred sanctuary, set her up with an Ayurvedic diet designed for her postpartum body, and line up all of the extra services that will pamper her and leave her feeling renewed and rejuvenated during her First 40 days.