Welcome to Your First 40 Days!

Welcome to Your First 40 Days!

Imagine going into labor knowing that someone was going to create a sacred cocoon for you to retreat into, with babe in arms, after delivery?

What would your space look like?

And, what kind of postpartum experience would you have as a result?

Recently, the First 40 did just this for a second time Mama in the Torrey Highlands area. Enjoy these photos reflecting the amazing transformation created by The First 40, and stay tuned for Mama’s personal blog post about this First 40 Red Tent Postpartum Experience.

Before delivery

…and After

Ayurvedic First Days’ Rice Pudding In The Crockpot Waiting For Mom’s Return

Mama and Baby’s First Bath with Lavender Infused Epsom Salts

Breastfeeding Nook

Green Tara Tangka Presides Over The Red Tent