As I write this, today marks the six-week birthday of my daughter Ruby. Both she and I are thriving, as well as my 21-month-old son Orion and my fiancé Jonathan. I can attribute much of my relaxed and elevated state  to the experience I had as a participant in the First 40 Days.

Before I gave birth to my baby girl,  I was experiencing some fears as to how I was going to manage not only a newborn, but also be capable of showing up for the rest of my family. Like a prayer answered, Cara reached out to me and brightened my world with her offering to new mothers, The First 40 Days.

I was excited to learn there was such a concept – that a new mom could receive support from her community in any way that she needed.  Along with that excitement, there was a part of me that felt vulnerable in sharing this idea with my community – as asking for help and support can be uncomfortable and hard to do.

Old patterns of thought certainly resurfaced, such as: “I can do this all by myself,” “I don’t deserve this amount of attention or support,” and “I don’t want to put someone else out”.  Rather, I decided to move through my fear of vulnerability as I openly shared my feelings with my community.

Somehow, Cara’s description of what the  “The First 40 Days” is about made it so much easier to get past my fear and just share this collective need of support for most (if not all) mothers. This wasn’t just about me asking for help, this was way bigger. This was about mothers as a whole getting the support they are due. This was about new babies getting the love and attention they deserve – setting the foundation for their future. And, this was about our community having the opportunity to come together and support this mission because it truly “takes a village.”

When I leaned into this, my fears melted away and were replaced with courage and strength, two qualities that I was happy to hone before my birthing experience. A deep healing had already begun just in this process alone! The response from my community simply amazed me. Friends came from all walks asking to participate. Some I knew very well, others I had only met a few times.  People genuinely wanted to help me and be a part of the bigger vision.

Even before my First 40 began, I started receiving. I began to receive the love and care from all of these people, knowing that soon each one of them would would play an essential role in my life, as well as by way of connection in the lives of my family.

Fast forward to now, and I look back and marvel as to what took place in my world because of my First 40 Days. I received. I tended to my newborn and was able to give her everything she needed. My attention was focused and my body was able to relax into motherhood. I felt nourished at a very deep level. I had the energy to love and care for my son Orion. I was available to be a loving partner to my fiance. Receiving support was the perfect counterbalance for what I was giving to my family. It was a beautiful cycle that went round and round with immeasurable benefits for everyone involved.

The First 40 Days is bigger than one mother. It creates community. The ripple effects go beyond 40 days.  The pulse of this movement is creating a new world. Thank you Cara for your vision. You are at the epicenter of this change. Blessings to you for channeling this wisdom and bringing it forth. I am forever grateful.