Our First Booth Ever(!) at BabyFest 2015!

My word, what an amazing experience we had! BabyFest 2015, put on by Babies in Bloom, was full and rich with loving, thoughtful goods and services, all in the name of babies and birthing!

We connected with countless mothers, new and expectant, and countless service providers (doulas, nurses, dentists, and more). We gave away over 250 lactation cookies, and several gallons of Mother’s Milk tea.

Now, sitting on our desks, are piles of business cards, and sheets of email addresses.

We were inspired to create an Instagram account, too! Connect with us at @thefirst40days!

Overall, we felt wonderfully received by the community, and were consistently encouraged to continue with our services.

Heartfelt thanks to Diana, who helped receive visitors all morning, and Carol Ann, who kept the cookies moving smoothly (amongst other things).

Thanks to everyone who we connected with. We look forward to supporting one another as we build our community, deeper, healthier, and with love.

p.s. Cahlo made some new friends as well!